1. You’ve spent your entire life relying on this theory:

sassy liz meme

It’s OK—we forgive you. But seriously, what were you thinking?

2. So when you see this, you just laugh:

if dogs tasted like pork peta banner

Photo by: Daniel Lobo | CC by 2.0 

3. But then you start thinking, “Wait, what if these people are actually right?”

search bar animal feelings

4. You manage to push the thought aside, but days later, you stumble onto a video about factory farming.


You cry for about 12 minutes straight, then decide that you want to help animals by going vegan.

5. But WTF does that even mean?

vegan meaning

6. You’re a little intimidated at first, but the food in the photos looks delicious, so you decide to give it a try anyway.


7. You tell your friends on Facebook, and their reaction is: “WUT?”

8. You tell your family members, and they immediately label it as a phase.

annie's parents

Whatever. You’ll prove them wrong.

9. But then dinner time rolls around, and you can’t think of anything to make. 

empty sad fridge
Photo by: Dave Gingrich | CC by 2.0 
                                                                                Photo by: Dave Gingrich | CC by 2.0

10. You start freaking out, but then you remember reading that Oreos are vegan.

11. But what are you going to have for breakfast? Human beings can’t survive on Oreos alone!

You decide to make your first trip to the grocery store in search of vegan goods. And then it happens: You see the window with the most beautiful view!

vegan meat in grocery store

Who would’ve thought that your local grocery store sold vegan meat?!

12. You start discovering magical vegan products that just blow your mind.

Vegenaise love letter image

Every time someone opens a jar of Vegenaise, a baby unicorn gets wings.

13. Your friends are impressed that you’ve lasted so long, but they decide to test you by inviting you out to eat. But you’re not even worried because you’re quickly becoming a master at finding vegan food anywhere.

vegan food everywhere

Check out our vegan restaurant guide!

14. Thanks to you, one of your friends decided to give being vegan a try, and you’re like:


welcome to las vegan photo
Welcome | Photo by: Glen Scarborough | CC by 2.0 

“Dude, nutritional yeast will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”

15. You master answering every vegan myth question imaginable.

“But what the f*ck do vegans eat?!”


“People can’t be vegan. I mean, where will you get your protein from?”


Oh, and this chart pretty much sums all of them up: 

vegan pie chart

16. You realize that helping animals was the best decision that you ever could’ve made.

peta animal rights vegan clothing hooded sweatshirt

Not vegan? This is your chance!

go vegan pledge