It’s hard being polite all the damn time! Sometimes, you just need a place to let it out. Check out these sassy vegan memes from Tumblr:

1. When courageous souls on social media said what vegans everywhere were thinking about protein: 🙌

2. When they perfectly summed up how annoying these comments are to vegans everywhere:

3. When they explained how you REALLY tell if someone is vegan:

4. When they reminded us that all animals are alive when you kill them:

5. When they shared a super-top-secret truth with the world … PLANTS DON’T HAVE FEELINGS:

6. When they let you in on a REAL #VeganProblem:

7. When they pointed out THIS major irony:

8. When they weren’t afraid to open up a can of worms: 😉

9. When they politely let you know that they do NOT miss eating meat.

10. When they got downright honest:

11. When they provided an excellent reason not to go vegan:

12. When they explained the importance of keeping an eye on your food:

13. And when they revealed a vegan’s true #BodyGoals:

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