So peta2’s “Fur Is Dead” campaign has been in full swing for a few months now. We’ve been asking you guys to sign the petition and swear off wearing fur for good. Our first goal was to gain 100,000 signatures against fur and guess what—we (and you) did it! We’re ridiculously happy to say that we’ve reached the 100,000 mark, and of course, still going strong!

When we took the campaign out on every tour possible and we met so many people who agree that killing animals for fur is disgusting and wrong! Who could possibly agree with beating, drowning, electrocuting, gassing, strangling, and skinning alive animals simply for fashion—fashion that is terribly outdated, I might add!

Members of Cobra Starship, Bullet For My Valentine, Story Of The Year, The Cab, We The Kings, Saves The Day, Atreyu, A Day To Remember, Blessthefall and Street Dogs all signed the petition to be part of the 100,000 Strong Against Fur!