Jay Hernandez AdJay Hernandez would never wear his dog—or anyone else’s dog, for that matter—and he doesn’t think you should either. In fact, the Hostel star feels so strongly about fur that he and his canine compadre Donner took time out of their busy movie-star schedules to pose for the latest “If You Wouldn’t Wear Your Dog, Please Don’t Wear Any Fur” peta2 anti-fur ad.

And although Jay can’t truly relate to what animals killed for their fur go through before they’re made into frivolous things like coats, purses, collars, capes, and pompoms, his Hostel character, Paxton, definitely can, because what undercover investigators found happening to animals on Chinese fur farms is straight out of the scariest, goriest movie you could ever imagine. It would shock even the most die-hard horror fan.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking this kind of stuff only happens to animals in China, though, because every animal who’s become a victim of the fur industry suffered terribly before being killed—no federal laws govern what happens to animals on fur farms, period.

Take a stand, and pledge not to wear any fur.