A couple of weeks ago, we told you about one of the most well-hidden animal ingredients on the planet: casein. This week, we’re going to tackle an ingredient that isn’t actually hiding. In fact, you’ve probably seen it on miscellaneous ingredient lists more than a few times—you just didn’t think anything of it. Until now.

Ladies and gents, meet gelatin.


Gelatin is obtained by boiling the skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones of animals—usually dead cows or pigs—with water.

Now, everyone together:


Where can it be found?

grocery store
Photo: Lyza | CC by 2.0 

Gelatin can be found in:

    • Shampoos
    • Face masks
    • Cosmetics
    • Puddings
    • Candies
    • Marshmallows
    • Vitamin capsules

How can you avoid it?

It’s easy! Just be sure to always, always check your food and/or product ingredients before you head to the checkout counter. Yes, it’s really that simple, folks. If you spot gelatin (or casein), put that shiz back on the shelf and opt for a cruelty-free version instead.

Need the deets on which cruelty-free products to buy? No worries! Check out these nifty guides:

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But perhaps most importantly, try our:

vegan candy
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Until next time … 🙂