What’s cooler than Scottsdale, Ariz.’s The Summer Set? Knowing that vocalist Brian Dales and bass player Josh Montgomery are vegetarian and have tons of love for their adopted pups! Check out our new video!

Brian and Josh believe that eating a vegetarian diet is a “higher evolved way of living.” In this day and age, with so many delicious alternatives to meat readily available, there’s no need to continue consuming the flesh of animals to maintain a protein-rich, well-balanced diet. In fact, a meatless diet is better for your overall health and the environment. Every person that maintains a vegetarian diet saves more than 100 animals a year, lives a much healthier life, and helps reduce climate change. It’s a more highly evolved way of living, indeed!

As a result of zealous efforts by the meat, dairy, and egg industries, many Americans still believe that animal products are necessary for good health. Plant foods contain no cholesterol, whereas meat, eggs, and dairy products contain large amounts of cholesterol, saturated fats, and concentrated protein—all harmful substances. Consequently, once you’re livin’ the good, meat-free life, you’ll have tons of extra energy that can be spent playing with and loving your adopted animals and working for their rights. Just ask Brian and Josh. They love their adopted dogs so much that Josh keeps photos of his dogs with him at all times, even on tour! Further proof that adopted pooches really do make the best of friends.