Sara Murphy and her Girl Scout troop wanted to help animals and work on their Silver Award at the same time—so they made videos (yay!) about marine animals, adopting companion animals, and factory farming! How awesome is that?

Making videos about animal rights is a great way to spread the word, especially if you get some friends together to help. You’ll be able to chat with your friends about the issues and you’ll be able to post your video online for all to see! It’s all about gettin’ the word out, guys!

Sara and her group also answered a few questions for us. Check ’em out below!

What made you guys want to work on animal rights videos for your project?

We wanted to work on animal rights videos for our project because we love animals. We thought that, if kids made these videos, that they would have a bigger impact on other kids than videos made by adults.  Also, animal rights is an issue that is not widely recognized, and we think it is important to raise awareness of its importance.

What is the most important animal rights issue to you all?

We think that all animal rights issues are equally important, but we feel that the ones that we made videos about are the most prominent.

How did your group first get involved with animal rights?

We first got involved with animal rights when we started our silver award (the second highest award in girl scouts, which we earned by doing this project).  We each had to present about an issue and a possible project.  I had seen some PETA videos among others, and realized just what was happening to animals around the world, so I presented what I had learned to them, and we decided to do a project to raise awareness and learn more about it ourselves.  This is how we, as a group, got involved in animal rights.

Congrats to Sara and her Girl Scout troop for earning their Silver Award!

In case you guys didn’t know, we LOVE seeing videos made by peta2 members! Somebody needs to make a video about the Canadian seal slaughter, so get crackin’!

Knowledge is power!