I have always been awful at skating. I really tried to be good, dedicating myself to falling a lot and watching a ton of skate videos of people who could do tricks much cooler than my ollie onto a curb. Greg Lutzka was probably like me at one point … well, on second thought, probably not. We can’t all be pro skaters, but I can sure look up to them!

Greg Lutzka came bursting onto the scene in 2003 when he moved from his hometown of Milwaukee, Wis., to the skating hotbed of Southern California and began to gain the attention of many sponsors in the skate scene. Ever since, he has been featured in many skating magazines as well as the ever popular X Games, and he’s even made a few cameos in major motion pictures. Greg accomplished all of this by the age of 24, which is even more amazing. As you might know, peta2 is no stranger to the skating world. People like Rob Dyrdek and P-Rod have spoken up for animals in the past, and now Greg has joined the pack!

peta2 spent the day with Greg Lutzka at his home to hear him talk about the fur industry, his own animal companion, and how lame dissection is. Although Greg is a laid-back dude, he feels passionately about animals and making sure that you know about it!