As the frontman for the popular indie hip-hop group Gym Class Heroes, the author of Travie’s Blog, and the godfather of Bronx Mowgli, son of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson, you have to wonder when Travis McCoy has time for anything else!

While we were taking some photos of Travis’ friend Gabe Saporta (from Cobra Starship) for Gabe’s own peta2 anti-fur ad, Travis rode up on his bike and let us know that he too was against wearing fur—and he wanted in on the fun!

It turns out that Travis has a soft spot for animals, so he had no problem squeezing some time into his schedule to let everyone know exactly how he feels about wearing real fur.

Check out his original take on our anti-fur campaign below!

Thumper, pictured in the ad with Travis, is a very lucky bunny. Every year, bunnies and other animals are strangled, beaten, clubbed, and electrocuted all in the name of fashion. On fur farms, bunnies—who are very clean animals by nature—are kept in filthy, cramped cages, often surrounded by their own waste! They are given no chance to do the things that come naturally to them, such as digging, jumping, and playing with their families.

So, as Travis says, give “Bunny Ears, Not Bunny Fur!” Follow in Travis’ fashionable footsteps and sign our pledge to never to purchase or wear real fur!