Russell Lissack of Bloc PartyNobody was more excited to hear Bloc Party’s new album than peta2. We’ve had it on repeat for weeks, and some of us have learned (the hard way) that lending it out to people is not a good idea. It’s like giving Britney Spears your chocolate bar and expecting her to mind it for you – it’s not going to happen! Now peta2 has teamed up with one-quarter of Britain’s finest indie outfit to bring you silky-haired guitarist Russell “Lock Up Your Daughters” Lissack, who spoke to us about why he’s vegetarian and why the best thing that you can do for animals is to stop eating them. Russell doesn’t do many interviews, but when it comes to animals, he’s a regular chatterbox! So read lovely Russell’s interview – then sign the Veg Pledge! This can be your good deed of the day, so don’t go doing anything nice for anyone after this, OK?

Hi, Russell! So you’re a vegetarian. When did you first stop eating meat, and what made you decide to make the switch?

I’ve only been vegetarian for about three years. I made the switch for health reasons – one, because I was ill, and secondly because I was coincidentally reading a lot of material which made me realise how unhealthy the meat we’re sold is and how badly the animals are treated.

What do you know about factory farming?

I only know what I’ve read in Fast Food Nation and perhaps a few other things – it’s a very cruel and unsanitary process.

Where are some of your favourite vegetarian places to eat when you’re on tour?

New York is the best place to eat by miles. There’s an endless number of vegetarian restaurants!

Why do you think it’s important that people take the time to find out where their food comes from and how animals are treated as a result of their choices?

Well, that question answers itself! It’s important for your own health as well. I guess like a lot of things in life, people would rather not worry about something that’s not directly their problem, but where would we be if everyone felt like that?

One of our biggest campaigns at the moment is against KFC. We have undercover footage of their suppliers scalding animals to death, cutting the beaks off baby birds and slamming live animals into walls. What message would you have for KFC about how their animals are treated?

That’s horrible. I’ve only been vegetarian for three years, but I’ve not been to a dirty take-away restaurant like that for more than 10 years, since I heard about that.

Bloc Party Members Play With PuppiesWe’re asking people to boycott KFC. Would you encourage people to do this?

Definitely. As I said, this is something I’ve done for a while, and I know a lot of my friends do it too. I think the problem is that a lot of people don’t know about these things, as it’s not something you hear about a lot in the press. Moreover, I think the real problem is that because the food is so cheap, it’s hard for many people to look elsewhere.

Who would win in a fisticuffs: Bloc Party or Colonel “Scalds Chickens to Death” Sanders?

Well, considering we have Kele “One Punch” Okereke and Matt “One Gig, One Lung” Tong in our ranks, I’d say it’ll be a knockout!

What do you think of people who wear fur?

I think unless you’re an Eskimo or something and it’s the only option you have to survive, it’s a horrible thing to do and completely unnecessary in a “civilised” world.

What advice do you have for someone who’s thinking of going vegetarian?

Everyone has to make his or her own decision, but it’s easy to find plenty of information. And if Alan (of The Rakes) and I can survive in Japan, then anyone can do it!