The First Step is a groundbreaking campaign for peta2. We’ve been talking for years about making the connection between animal rights and your everyday life, but with this campaign, we’re making it easier than ever for you to kick things off, and Hellogoodbye is here to help!

Take the first step and receive a promo code for a pair of peta2 x Macbeth shoes

hellogoodbye the first step ad

Taking the first step is all about doing what you can to stand up for animals one step at a time. Did you know that something as simple as buying a pair of shoes can help animals? Every time you purchase cruelty-free shoes or accessories instead of buying leather, you’re making a statement that an animal’s life is worth more than a price tag. Wearing leather may not seem like it, but it’s no different than supporting the fur industry or factory farming.

Some of the biggest names in fashion and the most popular stores around the world have gone cruelty-free, choosing instead to promote alternatives to leather and other animal skins. Of course, peta2 couldn’t be outdone, so we’ve partnered with Macbeth Footwear to bring you this exclusive vegan shoe, made especially for us!

 peta2 non-leather vegan Macbeth shoe the "Gatsby" grey background

If you’re ready to step up your cruelty-free shoe game, sign the leather-free pledge below to receive a discount code to purchase the exclusive peta2 x Macbeth shoes.

Take it a step further by donating your gently worn leather shoes to a homeless shelter or nonprofit group. Use the form below to upload a photo of your new vegan kicks or your old leather ones.

By signing my name, I pledge to ditch leather shoes and instead purchase animal-friendly, cruelty-free vegan shoes.