When I listen to hellogoodbye‘s “Here in Your Arms” from their uniquely titled Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! (seriously, they fit everything that is awesome into one album title), I find myself squirming in my chair, trying not to dance, and resisting the urge to sing along—for the sake of my coworkers at peta2!

Even better than having catchy tunes, vocalist Forrest Kline and bass player Travis Head are both vegetarians and will jump at any chance to talk about how they feel about animal rights. Remember the sweet PSA that Forrest did for us a few years back? We recently caught up with Forrest and Travis, and they shared their thoughts on our “Woof!” campaign. If you’ve seen peta2 out on tour over the summer, you probably already know that the “Woof!” campaign is all about trying to show that the only difference between dogs and pigs is the way we treat them.

Still not convinced? Listen to Forrest and Travis talk about their feelings on the “Woof!” campaign and their five favorite facts about pigs. Check it out below.

So after watching that, I hope you’ve learned some awesome new facts about pigs—I know I did! If you agree with Forrest and Travis that pigs should be allowed to have the same legal protections that dogs have, sign our petition now!