Before you start writing your summer bucket list, check these things off your list for the school year. Your plan to go scuba diving can wait (for now!). Take these simple steps not only to change the lives of animals but also to make a difference for your peers as well as future students at your school. Leave behind the cruelty-free legacy you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Cut Out Dissection

frog dissection with text

Cane Toad Dissection | Rob and Stephanie Levy | CC By 2.0 

You’ve been a hero to animals all throughout the school year, and your legacy can continue. Change the game by cutting out dissection at your school! When 98 percent of medical schools don’t use animal dissection, it’s safe to assume that cutting open dead animals isn’t necessary to become a brilliant doctor. In fact, studies show that being forced to participate in animal dissection can actually scare students away from pursuing a career in science!

2. Leave on a Good Note (With a Great Note!)


Sign off from school for the summer with one of the best messages you can think of. Leaving an animal rights message in your friends’ yearbooks can make a hefty difference for animals. Just think of all the other students who will see your message when they sign those yearbooks, too.

3. Celebrate Prom Cruelty-Free

prom pic with pup

YAY! One of the last events of the school year is coming up. Make sure your prom dress or tux is cruelty-free (no silk or wool!). If you’re going to wear makeup, use only cruelty-free products, because hurting bunnies is never beautiful. Have a heart when you’re dancing your heart out by choosing vegan shoes, because no one wants to dance on the dead.

4. Shoot Selfies With Your Friends

shoot selfies, not animals

Can selfies really help animals? Duh! You already know you’ll be taking selfies with all your friends before the year ends, so why not help animals at the same time? Go the extra mile for animals who need your help while wearing a “Shoot Selfies, Not Animals” T-shirt.

5. Get Rid of Gross Grub

Burger Collage

If you’ve ever wished your school had better vegan options, take the initiative and make a difference for animals, yourself, and future students by getting veggie burgers offered in your school cafeteria. No more mystery meat—bless! Being a vegan superhero isn’t about helping only animals. 😉

6. If you want to continue helping animals throughout the summer, join peta2

Street Team

Peta2 is an awesome network of activists who speak up for animals through completing missions and raising awareness. It’s free and easy to join—just click here to start helping all animals everywhere. There’s even an app now, so you can start savin’ lives anywhere with just a few clicks.