‘Tis the season of giving! The holidays are all about family, love, and bringing “joy to the world.” Why not spend a little time bringing joy to animals?

Here are eight simple things that YOU can do to help animals during the holidays:

1. Bake vegan holiday treats for your family and friends.

Showing your friends and family how delicious vegan treats taste can do wonders for animals. Who knows—they may even try making some vegan goodies of their own!

2. Donate to your local animal shelter.

Can you imagine anything better than brightening an animal’s day? Animals in shelters don’t have a home in which to spend the holidays, so donating toys or blankets could give them some much-needed comfort.

3. Donate unwanted fur, leather, or wool garments to a homeless shelter.

Getting rid of your nonvegan clothing is good for everyone! Firstly, you’re helping animals by choosing NOT to wear them. Secondly, you’re helping a person in need stay warm.

4. Give a copy of Blackfish as a gift.

This film has been making international headlines for its gripping investigation of SeaWorld’s systematic abuse of orcas and other marine mammals. Your family and friends will never want to visit SeaWorld again after watching it!

5.  Download peta2’s Holiday Survival Guide.

It has tips on talking to family members about animal rights and vegan recipes to help you make your holiday cruelty-free!


6. Stuff stockings with animal rights goodies.

From stickers to peta2 swag to vegan candy, there are tons of cruelty-free, animal-friendly treats that could help improve your stocking-stuffing game.


7. Volunteer at your local animal shelter.

Spend some time during your holiday break playing with cats, walking dogs, feeding animals, and helping with anything else the shelter needs.

8. Hand out leaflets or organize a protest.

The holidays are the perfect time to get active in your community! Just make sure that you’re polite, professional, and ready to answer questions.


Download peta2’s holiday gift tags!

Slap these babies on all your gifts! Your friends and family will be encouraged to respect animals before they open their presents.

peta2 Holiday Gift Tags

Doesn’t it feel good to do something for others?

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