Ringling elephant trainning

Because of Ringling Bros., Atlanta may lose its animal control services! That means no stray dogs and cats will be picked up and no injured-animal calls will be answered. Why? Last year, Fulton County, Georgia, banned the use of bullhooks, which are used to hit and jab elephants. Fulton County provides Atlanta with animal control services, and Atlanta has adopted all of Fulton County’s animal protection laws, including the bullhook ban.

But Ringling Bros. is trying to convince Atlanta not to enforce the law, and if Atlanta officials listen to Ringling Bros. and fail to enter into an animal control services agreement with Fulton County in order to prevent the bullhook ban from being effective, the city risks losing all animal control services in Atlanta.

It’s not fair to leave all animals unprotected just so that the circus can use bullhooks to beat and torment elephants when it comes to town once a year.



Contact Mayor Kasim Reed at [email protected] and urge him to immediately sign an agreement for animal control services with Fulton County that will ensure that all the animal protection laws are enforced, including the bullhook ban.