We all know SeaWorld is effed up, right? I mean would YOU want to live your entire life trapped in your bathtub? No!

Show SeaWorld that you care about animals—and get a chance to win The Cove! Print out our petition here, get your friends and classmates to sign, and send peta2 a copy at 501 Front Street, Norfolk, VA, 23510. The first five people to send a full sheet of petitions (names and e-mails) in will win* a copy of The Cove. You’ll also receive 50 peta2 points per signature and e-mail address—not to mention 250 points just for gathering petitions!

Need help expressing how much SeaWorld sucks? Check out these facts!

  • Dolphins and are social and intelligent creatures but get no stimulation inside their tanks and often go insane.
  • While these animals would usually swim up to 100 miles per day in nature, dolphins are kept in tanks that are basically the size of a bath tub to them.
  • Sea animals such as seals, dolphins and are forced to perform unnatural tricks for human entertainment.

I’ve also made a little movie to help you get inspired. Side note, please refrain from calling someone a “douche” or “jerk face”—this was purely done for comic relief 🙂 :

How else will you inform others about the cruelty of confining animals?

*Contest details: To enter, send a full page, front and back, of petition signatures (including names and e-mail addresses) to peta2, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23517. The first five people to send in a full page will receive a copy of The Cove on DVD. All petitions must be received by May 30, and winners will be notified by May 31. By entering, you are agreeing to peta2’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.