Alrighty guys, this is huge. Starting today, we have a chance to show President Obama and our government that the companion-animal homelessness crisis deserves national attention.

The White House just launched a site on which citizens can post their own petitions, and any petition that receives 5,000 signatures in 30 days will be reviewed by administration officials. PETA has posted a petition asking that all animals adopted from animal shelters and bought from pet stores, puppy mills, and breeders be spayed and neutered. Bob Barker (!!!) will be signing it, and he’s asking for your support.

This is an opportunity to get the White House to pay attention to the fact that millions of dogs and cats are abandoned on the streets or turned over to severely crowded animal shelters each year.

You can help millions of homeless animals today!

Be sure to sign PETA’s “Stop Animal Homelessness at Its Roots” petition now and forward it to everyone you know. Get your mom, dad, grandma, friends, teachers, your animal rights group at school, your little brother—everyone!—to sign it ASAP! After signing the petition, please be sure to share it with everyone that you know and send us a screenshot at [email protected] for 500 points!

If the petition site doesn’t work, please try back later. It looks like the site has been having some issues this morning, and we’re hoping that it’s just because so many of you have been signing the petition that the site is trying to catch up.

Thanks for speaking up for dogs and cats!