We all know that “honey badger don’t care,” but you know who does? Randall! And he’s back with a new video to shine light on the nasty-ass truth about the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s (UW-Madison) history of torturing animals.

madison sidebyside cat photo

A huge animal lover, Randall has used his comedic voice to rally against the archaic horse-drawn carriage industry and recently attended peta2’s Blankets for Shelters Drive in Los Angeles.

Randall "Honey Badger Don't Care"

Honey Badger do care!

In his new video, Randall says he thinks it’s just crazy that UW-Madison is getting away with tormenting cats like Double Trouble in its sicko experiments. After starving Double Trouble, intentionally causing her to go deaf, and drilling holes in her brain, experimenters at UW-Madison decided the project was a failure, and they killed and decapitated Double Trouble. What a bunch of assholes!