After several weeks of intense voting, loads of social media sharing by you—the fans—and some serious campaigning from our hot nominees, the results of peta2’s Hottest Vegetarian Celebrities contest of 2016 are in! It was tough to choose just two winners (really, anyone who follows a compassionate plant-based lifestyle is a winner in our book), but we have our champions!

Here are peta2’s Hottest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2016:

Andrea Russett

Possibly our fave social media hottie of 2016, Andrea Russett went vegan for her New Year’s resolution, and we’ve been feeling the love ever since. The mega-babe not only inspires her many fans to go vegan but also shows how easy it is to look good, feel good, and do good, one meal at a time. #TotalPackage 

Waka Flocka Flame

We have a serious #CelebCrush on Waka Flocka Flame: He has bared it all for peta2’s iconic “Ink, Not Mink” campaign, spoken out against animal abuse, and even shown us how to make vegan blueberry muffins with fellow nominee Raury. And along with everything this hottie does for animals, he still manages to make amazing chart-topping bangers on the regular! 

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The Hottest Runners-Up

peta2 hottest vegetarian celebrity contest 2016 runners up

Jenna McDougall

Jenna McDougall and peta2 have been besties for years! Remember when her kickass band Tonight Alive spoke out against animal skins in this campaign? Or when they rescued a puppy on tour? Or when they talked about how easy it is to be vegan? Yeah, there’s a lot to love about this vegan babe, so naming her our Hottest Vegetarian Celeb Runner-Up was a no-brainer! #VeganPower

Nash Grier

The only thing that could make Nash Grier even hotter is a heart full of compassion. Luckily, the Vine star has that on lock! In between filming awesome Vine vids and doing live events with DigiTour, the vegan hottie still finds time to tweet about his vegan lifestyle and even speaks up for orcas trapped at SeaWorld.

Want to join these hotties (and tons of young people everywhere) by choosing a compassionate vegan lifestyle? peta2’s got your back with our new Guide to Going Vegan website. Get all the info you need to veganize your favorite dishes, dine practically anywhere, or just order takeout like a boss.

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