If I had a dime for every time someone said to me, “OK, I get that you’re vegan, but what about bugs?” I’d have, like, a lot of dimes. It’s true that bugs can be a nuisance sometimes, especially when they find their way into our homes, apartments, dorms, etc. I mean … humane insect control

IMPORTANT: Like all animals, these tiny beings suffer when they are poisoned, trapped and left to die, or killed in other ways.

So, if insects start calling your house “home,” there’s no need to use cruel and toxic insecticides or traps. Just follows these simple, humane steps to make your home insect-free in no time.

Photo: Il conte di Luna | CC by 2.0 

Ants are not new. No, really—they’ve been running around the Earth for more than 100 million years. And did I mention that they can carry five to 20 times their bodyweight?! Whoa.

So if you spot ants in your house, don’t freak out. Simply follow them back to the point where they entered in the first place so you can seal off any openings around doors, windows, or walls to keep them from re-entering.

There are also lots of natural repellents that you can place around your home to prevent ants from coming in:

    • Put cinnamon sticks, coffee grinds, chili peppers, paprika, cloves, or dried peppermint leaves near any openings that ants can fit through.
    • Squeeze the juice of a lemon at the entry spot and leave the peel there.
    • Planting mint around the foundation of the house will also keep ants away.
    • Place cloves of garlic around indoor and outdoor ant pathways.
    • If ants are attracted to your companion animal’s food dish, just place the dish on a shallow plate of water.

At some point in your life, you’ve probably been stung by a bee or wasp. I know, I know—not a super-fun experience. However, like most animals, wasps and bees typically only “attack” when they’re feeling threatened (i.e., when their nests are disturbed, when humans swat at them, etc.).

So if a bee or wasp is coming your way, chill out! Bees and wasps may land on your skin to inspect a smell or get water, but they will leave if you stay calm and avoid quick movements. (If you squash a wasp, the action causes the wasp’s dead body to release a chemical alarm that signals other wasps in the area to attack. Ah!)

If you spot a bee or wasp flying around your room, simply approach slowly and trap the bee or wasp with a humane bug catcher, like the one below, and release the insect outside.

humane bug catcher

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Photo: Muffet | CC by 2.0 

Like ants, cockroaches have been around for a long time, first appearing approximately 400 million years ago. Fun fact: Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes and can run about 59 inches per second—proportionally, that’s three times as fast as a cheetah!

Cockroaches are remarkable survivors—they aren’t going anywhere, and killing them simply creates a void that others will soon fill. That said, the best way to keep roaches and other insects out is to make your home as undesirable to them as possible.

To roach-proof your home:

  • Keep food in tightly sealed containers, never leave dishes unwashed, and wipe your counters thoroughly.
  • Water is a precious resource for roaches, so even a few drops in your kitchen sink would be equivalent to a couple of glasses to you and me.
  • Keep typically moist areas dry, sweep floors, and vacuum frequently.

Bay leaves, cucumbers, garlic, and catnip are also natural cockroach repellents that you can place in high and damp spaces around your home to keep them out.

So the next time you spot an ant, a cockroach, a spider, or any other insect in your home, don’t reach for the closest rolled-up newspaper!

Humane control methods are much kinder and will keep “uninvited guests” out for good. 🙂