I’ve been a fan of Epitaph Records for as long as I can remember. With bands like Thursday, New Found Glory, and The Weakerthans, how can anyone not be? One of the iconic punk label’s newest additions, I Set My Friends on Fire, is decidedly less political and more lighthearted than other bands on the roster, and it is fast becoming a new fan favorite.

When I first started seeing the name “I Set My Friends on Fire” in music magazines, on message boards, and on tour lineups, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m not sure about you, but I’d prefer my friends not set flames to me! Who would have thought that a band with such a hostile-sounding name would be not only compassionate to animals but also hilarious?!

My first introduction to I Set My Friends on Fire, aka Matt and Nabil, was the duo’s hilarious YouTube videos, The Chronicles of ISMFOF. As I learned more about the band, I was thoroughly impressed with their witty sense of humor, work ethic, and general “we don’t give a f*%@ what you think” attitude.

For two kids who didn’t even start playing music together until 2007, Matt and Nabil have done pretty well for themselves. They’ve played Bamboozle, endured a summer on Warped Tour, and now have the ultimate honor of being featured on peta2! We hung out at the beach while the guys were in town, and in between building sand castles and people watching, I got their thoughts on dissection in schools, product testing on animals, and Nabil’s dream of being a cow!

To learn more about dissection and how to implement dissection alternatives at your school, check here. You can also help end cruelty to animals by signing our “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” petition and pledging to be cruelty-free!