Following a nine-month-long investigation of circuses across the country, the Animal Welfare Board of India has announced that it will no longer register elephants for performance– WAY TO GO INDIA! The Animal Welfare Board of India said they will also seize all elderly and injured animals from the circuses, arrange for their rehabilitation, and serve legal notices to any circuses that force any sick, injured, or unregistered animals to perform in the future.


Investigators inspected more than a dozen circuses and found that handlers beat elephants with bullhooks (weapons that resemble a fireplace poker with a sharp steel hook on one end), kept animals continuously chained or caged, and deprived animals of veterinary care.

Sadly, this abuse is still common practice in many well-known circuses in the United States. Most elephant handlers in the circus still use bullhooks to beat, hit, prod, and jab elephants into submission.  Trainers often embed the hook in the soft tissue behind elephants’ ears, inside the ear or mouth, in and around the anus, and in tender spots under the chin and around the feet.

ringling bros. circusUntil the U.S. follows India’s example and removes elephants from the circus, you can make a difference by pledging NEVER to attend circuses that use animals!

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