Remember PETA’s investigation into a Hormel supplier? Let me refresh your memory.

A PETA undercover investigator found …

  • A supervisor shoved a cane into a sow’s vagina, struck her on the back about 17 times, and then struck another sow.
  • Multiple pigs were beaten with metal gate rods, and lacerations were found on more than 30 sows, which is probably evidence of more abuse.
  • A worker hit a young pig in the face four times with the edge of a herding board, and investigators witnessed dozens of similar incidents involving this worker and 11 other workers.
  • Two men, including a supervisor, were witnessed jabbing clothespins into pigs’ eyes and faces. A supervisor also poked two animals in the eyes with his fingers.
  • A supervisor kicked a young pig in the face, abdomen, and genitals to make her move and told PETA’s investigator, “You gotta beat on the bitch. Make her cry.”
  • A worker who weighed an estimated 315 lbs. punched a sow on the back three times and said that he sat on a sow’s head.

As a result, twenty-two charges of livestock neglect and abuse were filed against six now former employees of the Hormel supplier. All admitted guilt to the charges.

Iowa is now considering legislation (HF 589) that could subject whistleblowers to criminal prosecution for their efforts to expose animal abuse on factory farms. Frighteningly, HF 589 has passed the Iowa House and is now pending in the Senate. This legislation is a desperate attempt by agriculture industry giants to prevent consumers from learning the truth about how animals on factory farms live and die, and we need your help once more to stop it.


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