As a model, Ireland Baldwin knows how important it is to book gigs and secure photoshoots. Even so, she’ll NEVER compromise her beliefs for a paycheck. She’s against wearing fur, and she isn’t afraid to show it, even stripping down for a powerful anti-fur ad. Check it out:

Sticking up for animals isn’t new to Ireland. Just like her mom, actor Kim Basinger, she has been passionate about helping animals all her life! Check out her heartfelt plea and learn why she doesn’t support the fur industry:

Animals Shouldn’t Suffer for Fashion

“You’re still buying cruelty, and you’re still advocating for it. To a fur farmer,… an animal is just dollar signs to them.” – Ireland Baldwin

Can you believe that some people still think wearing fur is fashionable? Sadly, this archaic idea still keeps millions of animals trapped on fur farms.

Animals raised on fur farms are forced to endure miserable lives in cramped, filthy cages. And because fur farmers answer to few or no regulations and don’t want to damage the quality of the fur, they use the cheapest, cruelest killing methods, like suffocation, anal electrocution, gassing, poisoning, or even skinning animals alive.

Animals trapped in the wild don’t have it any better. Many are caught in steel-jaw traps that slam shut on their limbs, cutting to the bone or even crushing their necks with pressure. Trapped animals can suffer for days, slowly dying from blood loss, dehydration, shock, starvation, or attacks from predators.

No animal should be tortured and skinned for his or her fur.

“If you wouldn’t wear your dog, then you shouldn’t wear fur at all, because all animals are equal and deserve equal respect and equal compassion and love.” – Ireland Baldwin

What You Can Do to Help

Wearing animal fur makes the statement that you support a cruel industry that breeds and kills millions of animals every year—for vanity. Many fashion brands like Gucci, Michael Kors, and BCBG have banned fur, proving that cruelty-free shopping is what’s up! Ireland didn’t hold anything back when sharing how she feels about wearing fur:

“I’ve had wardrobe people try to put me in fur coats … and I’ve actually told people to f*ck off.” – Ireland Baldwin

Way to go! ♥

Make your own powerful fashion statement: Drop the fur.

Spread the word that you’re proud to join Ireland in going fur-free.