Inspired by Wes Anderson’s latest film, Isle of Dogs, we just released our own stop-motion animated video to raise awareness of the dogs suffering in Texas A&M University’s laboratory.

The new video short depicts a canine in Texas A&M’s laboratory, where experimenters purposely breed dogs to develop crippling muscular dystrophy (MD) and then experiment on them. Check out the short movie:

Workers at the laboratory force dogs to live in barren cages. MD causes the animals to have weakened jaw muscles and swollen tongues. The dogs have difficulty swallowing and even eating. Ropes of saliva hang from their mouths.

texas a&m University animal cruelty

This disease is so debilitating in dogs that it causes puppies to become severely crippled and increases their chances of enduring agonizing deaths at a young age because of severe difficulty swallowing and breathing and heart problems.

Texas A&M university animal cruelty, texas a&m university animal testing

Nearly four decades of cruel experiments on dogs have failed to produce a cure or even a treatment to reverse symptoms of MD in humans. We’re calling for these senseless experiments to end and for all surviving dogs to be released from the “trash island” of a laboratory.

Texas A&M university animal testing

Thousands of compassionate people have supported our efforts to end these tests, including scientists and humans who are afflicted with MD.

Speak out against cruelty to dogs!

Please, join us in urging Texas A&M to close this dog laboratory, stop breeding MD-afflicted dogs, and release all the existing dogs for adoption into good homes.