U.K. rockers SHARKS began biting through the rock ‘n’ roll world when their debut record, The Joys of Living 2008-2010, splashed onto the scene a few years ago. It was around that time that we found out the band’s lead singer, James Mattock, is vegetarian, and we had the pleasure of asking him some questions about his vegetarian lifestyle.

We’ll always have a soft spot for James and SHARKS, and even though the band recently announced that they’re breaking up, we’re proud to present James’ vegetarian testimonial!


“The thing that frustrates me the most is when people turn a blind eye on the whole production side of the meat industry, and the healthy and delicious meat-free alternatives they could be easily enjoying instead. … It’s not just a diet, it’s compassion for animals.”

Animals are abused by humans in so many ways (WTF?!). The way animals are turned into food through the factory-farming system causes environmental pollution, human and animal sickness and disease, and all-around suffering!

Tens of billions of animals are killed for food in the U.S. each year. A vegan diet saves more than 100 animals per year and also helps reduce climate change and world hunger.

Take a cue from our favorite shark, James, and ditch the meat. Give a plant-based diet a try!