Jamey Jasta of Kingdom of SorrowJamey Jasta has always been a powerful and inspiring frontman for some of the best hardcore bands around, giving 200 percent to audiences around the world and writing some insanely great albums not to mention having excellent taste with his very own Stillborn Records. In his latest hardcore outfit, Kingdom of Sorrow, he continues to deliver his driving vocals and lyrics that deal with dark times searching for understanding, and yes, even hope. So you know that we were in head-bangin’ heaven when he decided to lend his intense cred to our “Adopt, Don’t Buy” campaign! Check out our new public service announcement featuring Jasta.

Jasta knows that life can be tough but that it’s even tougher for the millions of cats and dogs who enter animal shelters every year. We’ve all had to struggle to stay positive through hard times, and it’s Jasta’s dedication and awesome attitude that makes him such a powerful spokesperson for the roughly 4 million animals who must be euthanized every year simply because there aren’t enough good homes for them. Given these staggering numbers, it just doesn’t make sense for anyone to buy a dog or a cat from a pet store or breeder when there are so many loving, deserving animals who are literally dying to be your new best friend.

So join one of metal’s most legendary frontmen and take our pledge to always adopt and never buy from pet stores or breeders. I mean, seriously, would you want Jamey Jasta pissed at you?