Jared Gilmore has been stealing scenes as young Henry Mills on Once Upon a Time ever since the fairy tale saga’s debut, and now he’s stolen our hearts with this adorable “Give Your Animals Their Happily Ever After” ad—starring Jared, of course, and his two dogs, Cooper and Emma.


Jared has a kind and compassionate soul, which really shines through in this behind-the-scenes video from our photo shoot. See what he has to say about being a responsible companion to his animals and why you should never, ever leave a dog in a hot car!

It’s important to know exactly what your animal companions need so that you can properly care for them. Think about what it takes to make you happy, because good food, water, exercise, love, and compassion go a long way for all creatures.

We have tons and tons of resources here at peta2.com for all your companion-animal needs. So if you’re ever wondering about animal adoption, the animal ABCs, why you need to keep dogs out of hot cars, or how you can take the first step to help animals, we’ve got your back!

Adopting an animal is always great. —Jared Gilmore