Here’s a throwback to the time Jared Padalecki stood up for animals abused by the fur industry.

You fell in love with him as Dean, the first boy to steal Rory Gilmore’s heart on Gilmore Girls. Now you find yourself even more in love with him as Sam, the super-hot Supernatural hero who drifts from town to town fighting demons, ghosts, and all sorts of other evil creatures wherever he goes. And just when you thought you couldn’t possibly love Jared Padalecki more, you realize that he’s done something so wonderful, like starring in peta2’s “If You Wouldn’t Wear Your Dog …” anti-fur ad, that it pushes you straight over the edge to full-blown obsession.


That’s right: One of your favorite pieces of eye candy is just as kind as he is cute, and he wants you to know what happens to dogs—like his canine pals Harley and Sadie—cats, and other animals before they’re made into collars, cuffs, and jackets. A while back, Jared took time out of his busy to pose with his gorgeous pups on the Supernatural set to remind all of us that the only difference between your “best friend” and animals killed for their fur is how we treat them.

Animals who become victims of the fashion industry have miserable lives. There are no federal laws in the U.S. to protect them on fur farms, and in China—where most fur comes from—there are no penalties for abusing animals used for fur. They’re often forced to live in their own waste inside tiny, cramped cages, where they’re exposed to all weather extremes. They don’t receive veterinary care for diseases or injuries, and they often go crazy from confinement. To be killed for their fur, their necks are broken or they’re beaten, drowned, or electrocuted—and many are even skinned alive on fur farms in China, where there’s a thriving cat and dog fur industry.

We’d never do anything like that to our best friends, and like Jared, we’d never wear our dogs—how about you?

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