Jason Ellis is a man of many talents—he’s the host of his own Sirius Satellite Radio show, an MMA fighter, a professional skateboarder, and an all-around badass. He’s also a man of many words, and he uses them all in this exclusive peta2 interview. I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you ever want to piss off a 5-foot-11-inch Australian boxer, just mention the circus.

Jason Ellis may have started out as a skateboarder, but he has since tried his hand at just about everything. From hosting the X Games on ESPN to training to be a professional mixed martial artist to hosting his own radio show, he’s become a mainstay in the extreme sports world. Never one to shy away from controversy, Ellis has always stayed true to his in-your-face attitude. This time he’s speaking out about something that really pisses him off—cruelty to animals. Whether protesting Michael Vick’s reinstatement into the NFL, mouthing off about people who keep animals in captivity and then beat them so that they will perform circus tricks, or trying to figure out why exactly it is that schools force students to dissect animals, Ellis certainly isn’t one to hold back his opinions. Check it out!

I have to say I agree with Ellis on this one—the use of animals in the circus is the craziest thing on the planet! Take a stand against the use of animals in entertainment by never going to a circus that uses animals.