Canadian model and 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole jumped at the chance to speak out against her homeland’s annual seal slaughter. The sexy Canadian became famous for posing au naturel, which normally we’re all for, but we actually asked her to cover herself up with a T-shirt for peta2’s “Save the Seals” ad series.

Jayde, who recently appeared on MTV’s popular reality show The Hills, wants the world to know that tens of thousands of baby seals are shot or bludgeoned to death by sealers every year for their fur. Some of the pups are so young that they haven’t even taken their first swim or eaten their first solid food.

Jayde Nicole's 'Save the Seals' Ad for peta2

Jayde told us, “But seeing, like, the cute little baby seals, and going up and just clubbing them and just hitting them over the head and then dragging them into the boat where they’re still, like, half-alive—it was so bad.”