Jennie Garth became a household name in the 90s thanks to her role as Kelly Taylor on the now-classic series Beverly Hills 90210. Her recent return to that famous zip code on the CW Network’s spin-off hit 90210 keeps her busy, but not too busy to speak up for baby seals.

The mother of three posed for peta2’s “Save the Seals” ad series in order to help spread the word about Canada’s annual seal slaughter. Tens of thousands of baby seals, many of whom are so young that they haven’t even had their first swim, are shot or have their skulls smashed in for their fur.

Jennie Garth's 'Save the Seals' Ad for peta2

During her photo shoot, Jennie told us, “For me, it’s like a no-brainer because animals deserve the same love and respect that babies do, humans do.”