“I think cats are super-smooth with everything they do,” Jhené Aiko tells peta2 on set. She goes on to say, “Ever since I was younger, I had this connection with cats.” Cuddling up to a furry co-star is all in a day’s work for the R&B beauty, who’s sneakily taken the music world by storm.

jhene aiko adopt don't shop ad     

Every year, 6 to 8 million cats and dogs enter U.S. animal shelters hoping for a home. The sad fact is that half of those animals will eventually be euthanized. Adopting from a shelter instead of purchasing animals from pet stores or breeders is an easy (and rewarding!) way to help save someone’s life—not to mention that pet stores have proved time and again to be little shops of horror to the animals locked inside.

It’s important to adopt rather than buy, because there’s so many animals in the shelters that need homes. And they have anything you want …. I just feel like it’s better to give those animals a second chance.

Follow in Jhené’s footsteps, and show some love to your feline friends. Adopt. Don’t shop.

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