John Galliano is the fifth major fashion designer to drop fur since the beginning of winter. The iconic designer said in this week’s Elle France in a joint interview with PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews that he’ll no longer use it in his designs.

He says that his decisions to stop using fur and to go vegetarian stemmed from a decades-long friendship with Mathews, who showed him that he can still have fun and be creative while using materials that don’t hurt animals.

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When asked, “Fur used to be associated with luxury … what is true luxury today?” Galliano responded, “It’s authenticity. And inventiveness … Today we don’t want a product, we want ethics, a firm that defends the values that we admire.”

It’s not surprising that he’s decided to ditch the cruelly derived material. As more and more consumers learn that animals suffer terribly in the fur industry, they’re refusing to buy it—and fashion brands are taking notice. Just within the past few months, Gucci, Versace, Donna Karan, and Michael Kors have all announced plans to ban fur from their designs. And in recent years, other fashion companies—such as Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger—have ditched it, too. So have the world’s three largest clothing retailers: Gap Inc., H&M, and Inditex (which owns Zara).

“The fashion world is finally evolving. The best designers are showing that you can be even more creative without being destructive to animals.” – PETA Senior Vice President Dan Matthews

rabbits in stacked cages on chinese fur farm

But designers aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure to say no to cruelty—just two weeks ago, San Francisco became the first major U.S. city to ban fur sales. West Hollywood and Berkeley, California, have also outlawed new fur sales.

Banning fur will prevent the suffering of countless animals on fur farms and those who would be trapped and killed for it in the wild.

Together, we can create a fur-free world!

While going fur-free is more popular than ever, animals are still suffering, and there’s more work to be done. You can make a big difference just by avoiding all clothing and accessories made of fur, angora, wool, and leather. All you have to do is check the label before you buy an item.

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