J.R. has already spent more time in “jail” than many thieves, arsonists, and murderers—but he is none of those things.

He’s a chimpanzee who has been abused in the entertainment industry. He is believed to have been stolen from his mom when he was just a baby. Since then, he has spent more than a DECADE trapped in solitary confinement inside a cramped cage at awful roadside zoos. 🙁

But dry your tears, y’all—this one has a happy ending! Check out the video to see J.R.’s heartwarming story:

Thanks to a kick-ass supporter, J.R. is now enjoying a tropical island paradise—the awesome Save the Chimps sanctuary in Florida! Now he’s free to play in the grass, relax under the palm trees, chow down on nutritious meals, and make new friends. Yay, J.R.!

Want to help other primates who have had their freedom taken away from them? Go get ’em!

Monkey collage