For scientists, chaos theory means that sometimes, a small incident has a bigger impact than expected. In everyday life, I think we can all remember a time when we said or did something that had a much bigger effect than we thought it might or when we experienced something that changed the way we thought about things from then on.

For Toronto rapper K-OS, that moment happened when, as a kid, he decided it was strange to eat birds, because they fly. Years later, he decided to go vegetarian.

In his exclusive interview with peta2, K-OS tells us that story and others that motivated him to live a compassionate, vegetarian lifestyle and also throws out a few theories of his own, like how if you eat a bird or a pig or a fish, you might as well be eating your own dog—how peta2 is a dynamic movement, like hip-hop. Check out these and other K-OS theories in the video below, and afterward, I bet all those little instances will have made a big impact.

Some people go vegetarian because they want to help the environment. Some people get grossed out when they see a vein in a chicken leg and go vegetarian. Some go veg as part of a trend and then realize it’s just a good way to be. Others simply can’t bear the thought of causing animals to suffer simply because we’re taught their flesh tastes good.

No matter what motivates you, you can save more than 100 animals each year by going vegetarian.