Karina Smirnoff's peta2 adDancing With the Stars beauty Karina Smirnoff wants all her fans to know that there’s nothing sexy about wearing fur. In fact, she’d rather dance naked, which is exactly what she does in this racy peta2 ad.

A reformed fur-wearer, Karina says that after learning what happens to animals who are killed for their fur, she stopped wearing it. “I did wear fur,” she says, “especially when I was little. But there are ways of being warm and being fashionable without being cruel.”

Each year, millions of foxes, minks, raccoons, chinchillas, rabbits, and other animals—including dogs and cats—are bludgeoned, strangled, drowned, and electrocuted so that their fur can be made into so-called “luxury items.” In fact, many of these animals are skinned alive to make coats, boots, and hats—just to name a few such “luxuries.”

Says Karina: “You have a choice as an individual, you have a choice in the press, in the world, whether to make a statement that you do support killing animals or make a statement when you don’t. And you can still be as chic as you can possibly want to be.” Find out what else Karina told us during her sexy photo shoot.

As Karina knows, there’s nothing sexy or glamorous about wearing fur. Please follow her lead and swear off fur for good by pledging to be fur-free!