Outspoken pop star Kesha is calling out Canada’s lousy “club scene” in a PETA campaign blasting the country’s shameful seal slaughter. These seals’ suffering prompted Kesha to star in a public service announcement for PETA that reads, “Canada’s Club Scene Sucks.”

Ke$ha Fights Canada's Seal Slaughter

Every year, despite international outrage, the Canadian government allows sealers to club, beat, and skin hundreds of thousands of these gentle creatures every year. Baby seals stand no chance against club-wielding sealers—pups must look on as fellow seals are bludgeoned to death only to then meet the same bloody fate.

“I was lucky enough to get to watch a bunch of wild seals recently and truly fell in love with these amazing creatures,” says Kesha, who titled her first album Animal. “Canada gets to be host to harp seals each year during their migration to the ice to give birth which is beautiful and peaceful. But because the babies’ fur is so soft, there are people who club and brutally kill these young animals. The Canadian seal slaughter is barbaric and archaic. My music and my fans are part of a movement of youth taking over the world with positive change. I know they’ll help me and PETA ban the Canadian seal slaughter so the only place you see baby seal fur is in a museum.”

The annual seal slaughter will continue unless people like you speak out and take action to stop it, so please join Kesha and add your voice to the global outcry against Canada’s shameful seal massacre. Please write to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as well as Canadian ambassadors around the world and demand that they bring the massacre to an immediate end.

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