Bodybuilder Kenneth G. Williams is extremely outspoken when it comes to veganism and animal rights—and honestly, who’s going to argue with him?! He’s not a bit shy when it comes to discussing why a vegan diet is essential and what our society needs to do to change its current ideology that leads to laziness and obesity. Let us reiterate—who’s going to argue with a 5-foot-11-inch vegan bodybuilder and personal trainer? Certainly not us! So read Kenneth’s interview, get inspired, and then take the Vegan Pledge. If you don’t, we might just send Kenneth after you—now that’s some serious inspiration!


How long have you been vegan?

I’ve been vegan for about five years now.

What inspired you to become vegan?

It was a spiritual thing. I didn’t do any research; I just said that I needed a lifestyle change and that it had to be something serious. The next day, the voice inside me said, “Be a vegan.” Then I started doing some research, and soon after, I met my wife, Evelyn, who was also vegan.

What are some of your favorite vegan foods?

I love Boca burgers—they’re so good! I also love Indian food and this stuff that Evelyn and I cook called Vegan Muscle-Power Enchiladas. Love ’em—love ’em to death!

How easy is it to maintain a vegan diet?

Very easy! A lot of people think it’s expensive to be a vegan, but it’s really not. You know, there’re no limitations on the vegan lifestyle, because you can eat all this organic stuff all day, every day—there’s no limit. It’s easy to cook too. Drop in your vegetables, put some tofu in there or some pad Thai or tempeh, and just stir it up.

"I would rather get my protein firsthand, through veggies, than secondhand, from animals." —KennethDo you eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables?

Yeah, because you get all the nutrients from raw vegetables and fruit.

What can people do to get more energy from their diet?

Well, just adopt a vegan lifestyle. It’s not instant energy, because your body has to clean out, but after a week or two, you feel the energy—and from then on you’ll always have energy because of all the nutritious food. Your body is now saying “thank you” and will know what to do with the food, instead of just storing it somewhere where it’ll turn to fat.

Why do you think so many Americans are overweight or just unhealthy in general?

Society plays a part in that. People have these overwhelming work habits and are working 40, 50, 60, 80 hours a week, and that’s why fast food has taken over the market. People don’t want to cook anymore because they’re too tired, so they buy all this junk and put it in their bodies. Before they know it, they’re overweight, they have high blood pressure, diabetes kicks in, more stress kicks in, and now they have to make a drastic lifestyle change.

You get asked a lot about how you’re able to get all the nutrients your body needs—e.g., protein, calcium, etc.—on a vegan diet. Care to explain?

I get B12 through nutritional yeast and protein from tempeh, tofu, and vegetables. I would rather get my protein firsthand, through veggies, than secondhand, from animals. Animals eat the same things we eat, so if we kill and eat the animal, then we are getting the nutrients secondhand.

What do you think about diets that focus on cutting sources of carbohydrates, including fruits, and eating only meat and dairy products?

Whoever is promoting that must have stock in the meat industry. I don’t like diets; they don’t work. What works is a healthy lifestyle—on a consistent basis. You have to get up and exercise, and you have to eat healthy!

* * * * *

You heard the man! You have to eat healthy, and the best way to get started is by pledging to go veg! Not only will your body thank you, like Kenneth says, so will the more than 100 animals you save every year!