Kevin McHale is used to playing the underdog as Glee star Artie Abrams, so it’s no surprise that he’s sticking up for underdogs everywhere by starring in this peta2 ad asking fans to adopt from a local animal shelter. Kevin’s own adopted pooch, Sophie, is all ears to this life-saving message—are you?

If you had to guess how many cats and dogs are without homes in the U.S., what would you say? One hundred thousand? One million? Try 6 to 8 million. That’s the number of cats and dogs who enter U.S. animal shelters every year, and half of them are killed because no one will take them home. The good news? You can help!

Stand up for underdogs everywhere by spreading the word that shelter animals need our help! Boycott pet stores and breeders, and show some love to the “unwanted” cats and dogs at your local shelter. Companion animals truly are “man’s best friend.” They never judge, they love unconditionally, and all they ask in return is to be cared for with compassion. Are you up for the task? Adopt today!