Kid Ink knows that your animal companions are like family. The “Batgang” rapper is starring in a new ad for peta2 to remind fans that animals should never be chained up outside.

kid ink chaining ad

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As evidenced by his peta2 “Ink, Not Mink” campaign, it’s clear that Kid Ink has a big heart for animals and always wants to protect them.

An animal isn’t an accessory to carry around or a lawn ornament to leave outside.

Chains are for bikes, NOT dogs! ??? #DogsOfIG #BanChaining #peta2life

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Your dog should be your best friend! Here’s how to treat dogs like family:

  1. Never leave dogs chained up or unattended outside. Your animal companions are part of your family and should be treated that way. Never leave them alone outside, where they could be hit by a car, get mauled by another animal, get stolen and used as dog fighting bait or for experimentation, or become lost or trapped. It’s OK to leave your bike chained up outside—not your dog.
  2. Go on long walks every day—and remember that this is your dog’s walk, not yours! Allow plenty of time for roaming, sniffing, exploring, and having fun.
  3. Give dogs healthy food and fresh water in clean bowls every day. Make sure you know which food is best for your dog, and steer clear of the seven dangerous foods that can cause serious harm.
  4. Groom your pups. You gotta keep your crew lookin’ fresh! Be sure to bathe dogs, trim their nails, and brush their teeth as often as your veterinarian recommends.
  5. Hang out together! This is a no-brainer, right? Buy or make fun toys to keep your dog entertained and happy, go for long walks and on car rides, play in the yard, etc.

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