kid ink ink not mink psaLos Angeles hip-hop artist Kid Ink is a breath of the freshest air. As an unsigned artist, Ink got his name out there by producing tracks for Sean Kingston and some of the biggest acts in the game, but it wasn’t until he stepped in front of the mic that heads started turning.

Covered with tattoos and honing his skills with a lyrical style all his own, Kid Ink is the perfect voice to speak out for peta2, because right now the whole world is listening. 

 As someone who’s always loved animals, Kid Ink always found it easy to make the connection between the animals killed on fur farms and the animals we share our homes with, telling peta2, “I could never think of my dog getting skinned or anything happening to him.”

The foxes, minks, rabbits, and other animals skinned alive or beaten to death for their fur are no different than the dogs and cats we view as companions—they want nothing more than to be safe and cared for.

We’re well into the 21st century, when some of the biggest brands and most respected fashion designers in the world are fur-free. Are you?