Let’s be real: Kids have NO filter. They may say the darndest things, but their honesty is what makes them so great! And the best part of all is that their words come from a pure heart. <3

These kids clearly don’t want to eat meat, and who can blame them? Why would people want to support suffering once they’ve made the connection that the chicken they cheer on in their favorite animated film is the same as the animal they’re about to be served for dinner?

You might recognize Luiz Antonio. This little guy is a YouTube sensation who, at only 3 years old, was able to explain to his mom why animals shouldn’t be killed or eaten. He had his mom (and us) in tears!

His video shows perfectly that having compassion for animals isn’t something that we’re taught—it’s deeply rooted in all of us. Think about it: If you saw a small child trying to kill a live chicken, you’d probably think that kid had some serious issues! It’s NATURAL for kids to care about animals. And Luiz isn’t the only child out there who’s willing to put his fork down for animals. These kiddos have something to say about it, too:

Referring to killing animals, this little lady cries to her mom, “You can’t!”

And this one is ready to school ya on why she won’t eat fish.

This little boy pleads, “Leave the chicken alone!” 

“Would you like if someone ate you?” This girl’s question is on point.

“I really don’t want to eat the animals!” this girl cries. 

This kid can’t imagine letting his goat be sacrificed, and we can’t, either!

And sometimes, it’s as simple as developing a personal relationship with animals. This 5-year-old let a cow go into the house when her mom wasn’t looking. As she cuddles with the cow, her mom’s heart melts. Her mom then says, “We need to stop eating beef. … I think she’s going to get me to stop eating beef.” It’s as simple as that!

Get started on your own vegan journey! Going vegan has a humongous impact on the lives of animals, your own health, the environment, and world hunger! To get started, check out our helpful infographics and easy-peasy recipes.

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