We’re huge fans of playtime, but Kim Kardashian’s latest IG story got us heated. The social media star shared a video of two marmosets playing with her children.

Kim and her sister Kourtney also got camera-ready and snapped photos with the exotic animals.

The Monkey Trade = Animal Abuse

The Kardashian clan’s latest act is extremely harmful to monkeys and other exotic animals. And private ownership of monkeys is illegal in California, so if these are privately owned, that’s a real concern. Plus, forcing a monkey to live in a house can easily lead to malnutrition, loneliness, and extreme stress caused by an unnatural environment.

Exotic Animals Shouldn’t Be Used for Photo Ops

Sadly, animals have gotten seriously injured or even been killed for shameless photo ops. When humans use them as props, frightened or captured animals suffer needlessly.

Sea animals like dolphins and sharks have been dragged from the ocean and left in the hot sun so that people can take selfies with them. Last year, a dolphin was killed on a beach in Argentina after a mob of tourists pulled the animal out of the ocean to use in pictures.

Baby tigers also endure extreme abuse. They’re torn away from their mothers shortly after birth so that tourists can take photos with them. These cubs deal with extreme stress and sometimes even physical abuse. They’re normally shipped off to roadside zoos when they become too large for the “perfect” photo op.

We love that Kim has upgraded her wardrobe by ditching animal fur and taking up fashionable faux-fur coats, but her recent behavior is unacceptable. No photo is worth threatening the safety and well-being of any animal. Period.

What You Can Do to Help

Please don’t follow the Kardashians’ lead—in this case, “monkey see” shouldn’t equal “monkey do.” Taking fun photos should never involve cruelty to animals.

If an animal appears to be injured or in distress or if you see a person harassing any animal, please contact your local authorities immediately. If they don’t respond, contact PETA.