The world definitely needs more angels for dogs; that’s why Kimora Lee Simmons agreed to bare it all and star in peta2’s latest “Be Your Dog’s Angel” ad, which urges people to take better care of their dogs. Kimora’s message to dog guardians is simple: “Play with them … take them for long walks … don’t ever chain or cage them.” Dogs are pack animals who would much rather be inside with you than stuck on a chain.

Kimora Lee Simmons peta2 PSA

Wearing little more than a giant pair of angel wings and sitting with her rescued dog, Zoe, the model and fashion designer, who has been rescuing animals off the streets since she was a small child, wants everyone to know that chaining is never an option when it comes to your canine friends. “You cannot chain a dog—the chains are heavy; it’s cruel,” she says. “[Dogs] need to run and play ….” Unfortunately, running and playing isn’t in the picture for the millions of dogs who are left chained and unattended in back yards across the country daily. Exposed to all weather extremes, they are often denied even the most basic necessities, including food, fresh water, and shelter, and are left to the mercy of other animals and cruel humans with no way to escape. Life on the end of a chain is no life at all.

Kimora recently donated $20,000 to our “Angel for Animals” project, which provides sturdy, custom-made elevated doghouses stuffed with straw to needy dogs, who often have little more—and sometimes even less—than an overturned barrel or a piece of plywood resting against a fence for shelter. Now we know that you probably don’t have an extra $20,000 just lying around, but there are lots of other things that you can do to help neglected animals.

“Adopt” a backyard dog. Make nice with the dog’s guardians and offer to take the dog on walks. Bring him or her treats (and straw in the winter), and lavish the dog with lots of love. You may be the only bright spot in the pooch’s lonely day.

Work to get dog chaining banned in your area. Currently, more than 80 jurisdictions in the U.S. have laws addressing chaining. Why not make yours number 81?

Get even more active for animals by joining the peta2. You’ll be helping animals and earning free stuff at the same time—it’s a win-win situation.