Meet Kitty Jones, a peta2 Street Teamer from Vermont! Kitty is so active for animals that she recently had a documentary made about her work—and now she’s coming at you with her top seven tips for speaking up for animals in the new year!

  1. Join or start an animal rights group at your school!
  2. Go to or host vegan potlucks. (Get some recipes first!)
  3. Start a fundraiser for animal rights groups and sanctuaries. (Her last birthday brought in $160 for Save The Frogs!)
  4. Hold a movie screening for friends and family!
  5. Make coin jars to raise funds for organizations and ask managers at local cafés or restaurants if they would put one beside the cash register. (Her coin jar for Help Animals India has taken in more than $40!)
  6. Take your friends on a field trip to an animal sanctuary so that they can see the animals face to face and hopefully stop eating them.
  7. Leaflet at school or around town.

Phew! What keeps Kitty motivated? Knowing that she makes a difference.

“I really feel that until we can address the cruelty we inflict upon the most innocent and vulnerable, we will continue to be violent towards each other,” she said. “I’m so proud to be a part of such a vital movement. There’s so much that people can do to make the world a better place, for people, animals, and the environment. I consider choosing a vegan lifestyle to be the single greatest thing an individual can do for improving our world.”

Tell us in the comments what you’re doing to help animals!