knuckle puck 2014 promo

Jamie M. Moore 

There must be something in that Midwestern air that’s turned Chicago into a minor league farm system for heartfelt pop punk. Working its way up to the majors is Knuckle Puck, whose brand of relatable, melodic skate punk calls to mind early Taking Back Sunday with glimpses of Set Your Goals. Vocalist Joe Taylor and guitarist Kevin Maida sat down with peta2 for a look into how animal rights can help shape the pop-punk community.

“It’s a cool way to learn stuff—to talk to new people and to gain a new experience by just knowing something different. And to make yourself more aware about what’s going on in the world around you.”

Whether at a giant festival like the Vans Warped Tour or your local DIY venue, going to punk shows is a surefire way to be introduced to new ideas. Speaking out against bullying, getting involved in politics, or even reading up on animal rights are all ways to embrace a culture that roots for the underdog.

“Music is a really good thing … You can get all these people together who believe in the same ideals … being able to throw good messages behind that will only help everyone,” Joe tells peta2. He adds, “If you see something that shouldn’t be, speak up about it.”

Every year, countless animals are exploited in cruel circuses, cut up in archaic classroom dissections, and left to fend for themselves outdoors on a chain. Take action by raising your voice for those who aren’t being heard.

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