Kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world—and it’s made from feces.? Gross! The coffee, sometimes known as “civet cat coffee” or “cat poop coffee,” is made from coffee beans that have been digested and pooped out by small, furry animals called palm civets.

kopi luwak

Civets used for kopi luwak are forced to live inside cramped, lonely cages where they’re denied everything that they need to be happy. Such intense confinement is likely torture for these shy animals, who would rather spend their time climbing, exploring, and foraging in vast tropical forests.

kopi luwak cruel

Some companies try to mislead consumers by claiming that they obtain their coffee beans from “wild civets,” but a PETA Asia investigation—as well as an investigation by the BBC—has revealed that coffee beans labeled as “wild-sourced” were actually from caged civets.

 In fact, it’s nearly impossible to get a profitable amount of coffee from civets in the wild. Companies likely make these false claims to hide the cruelty involved with their product and to keep up with the illusion that kopi luwak is “rare” so that people will be tricked into paying top dollar for it. It’s impossible to know whether or not a brand is being truthful about where its coffee beans came from.

Check out this video footage of civet coffee farms in Indonesia and the Philippines to see for yourself: 

What You Can Do

Not only is kopi luwak nasty AF, it’s also extremely cruel! Never buy it (you weren’t really going to buy poop coffee, though, right?!) and tell others not to be intrigued by this so-called “rare” coffee, either.

If you think what’s happening to civets is wrong, consider trying vegan. Millions of animals across the country are suffering right now inside cramped cages and sheds, just so that humans can kill them and eat their body parts. Check out our guide to going vegan to get started helping all animals.

kopi luwak coffee cruelty