You know how it is:

Wake up flawless.


Practice yoga in the sunshine to awaken your mind and body.


Lounge by the pool to work on your tan.


Sike! It’s more like: Wake up late because you hit the snooze button five times. Fall twice while attempting to navigate through the knee-high piles of snow in New York. Shudder at the thought of having to be in a bathing suit, and go for a third slice of pizza to comfort yourself.

But for starlet Krysten Ritter and her adopted dog, Mikey Mohawk (so cute, I honestly can’t), every day really is the best day ever—as it should be!

Adopting a dog means being a guardian and a best friend. Dogs aren’t lawn ornaments to be chained up outside and forgotten about or kept cooped up in a house all day with no supervision or attention. Your pups should be your best buds! They’re someone to go on walks with when you need to work off an accidental cookie binge or hang with when your human friends are being lame. If you ask me, I think every adopted dog deserves their own Krysten Ritter. 🙂

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