Adam Vass of La Dispute

Photo: David Summers

So here’s the deal. We’ve been buzzing about La Dispute here at peta2 HQ ever since they hit the No Sleep roster. There’s just something about their sound, sort of spoken-word-meets-post-hardcore-blues, with a little bit of screaming but not over the top—let’s call it “progressive.” Or let’s just keep it simple and call it “awesome”! Cuz that’s what La Dispute is, after all.

What propels them even further into the realm of awesome is Adam Vass, the band’s bass player, who is also vegan and a kick-ass graphic artist.

Upon going vegan and watching “Meet Your Meat,” Vass began to make the connection that beef is cow, a living, breathing animal who suffers through horrendous circumstances in order to end up on a dinner plate. There’s no difference between a cow and a dog—all animals feel pain, and there is no need for them to suffer.

Check out our chat with Vass to get his take on growing up in the Midwest and hear about how he first went vegetarian and what he does to show friends and family that a delicious vegan lifestyle includes more than eating only salad and French fries.

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